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They Belive in Us

WeDeserve Freedom is delighted to announce our partnership with Unyted, enabling us to create confidential and secure spaces in the metaverse. Our upcoming event, 'Women Leaders against Domestic Violence,' is an example, providing an exclusive space for 20 women to share and discuss their experiences. Join us in this unique collaboration to break the silence and support women


How we helped abused women leave their partners by using the Design Sprint

Mehdi En-Naizi  

UXYZ Podcast Host | Head of Capgemini Design Studio   

Pierre Hayon

Product strategist & Creative leadProduct strategist & Creative lead Capgemini | UXYZ Podcast


WeDeserve Freedom was selected to participate in Station F's Fighters program, reinforcing our commitment to women's empowerment

Technopole of Aube in Champagne

Startup incubator / accelerator


We are pleased to announce our renewed partnership with Hommety, a strategic collaboration that will contribute to strengthening our position in the Web3 ecosystem. Together, we will continue to redefine standards, create immersive 3D experiences, and use AI to shape the future of WeDeserve Freedom.

WeDeserve Freedom is certified by Eldorado.

A collaboration that allows us to create confidential and secure spaces in the metaverse. Together we work to break the silence and support women.

 Boost Female Entrepreneurs


Creative Journeys

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