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empowerment for a new life

WeDeserve Freedom will be a  platform that will guide women who are victims of domestic violence through a process that combines mental health and financial education. The goal is to enable these women to break free from the abuse they have endured and find a new path in their lives.

We will use Blockchain and AI technology to ensure secure and confidential access to our services.

"WeDeserve Freedom goes beyond the framework of a project or a company. It's about a woman who has transformed her pain into a force that will change the lives of millions of women around the world."

Ligia Paraiso




The UN defines domestic violence as “a pattern of behavior in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner.


A study published in 2008 showed that 99% of female victims of domestic violence also experience economic or financial abuse. In these relationships, the abuser deprives his partner of financial resources or the opportunity to work. It creates a financial dependency which the abuser uses to control his partner to prevent him from leaving the relationship


Our service


Phoenix3 – Guiding women to mental and financial empowerment.


Hidden App - Access our platform confidentially

Virtual community: Support and mutual aid so that women can move forward together

Blockchain – Security, integrity and confidentiality.

Our innovative Phoenix3 process covers three crucial aspects to guide women. This will be available on our website and our app as educational videos, podcasts, articles, and through our community.


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In the first phase of the process, we want to guide women towards an understanding of the abusive relationship, because they are often not aware that they themselves are victims. This phase will serve to draw attention to the subject and provide women with content on

mental health.


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The second phase will be the introduction of financial education and income options. The act of saving money to leave the relationship will be the culmination of the process. And also training to generate income by receiving crypto and other solutions in our utility token.


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The third phase is the preparation for leaving the relationship.
On our website, women will find a database of lawyers, social workers, associations and services that help women victims of domestic violence.

Our concept has been validated

Our concept has been validated with target women thanks to a study carried out by a Capgemini design team.

Sem nome (148 × 100 mm) (120 × 60 mm)_edited_edited_edited.jpg

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